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Pasture Raised Chicken

It’s been almost four weeks and our meat birds are growing FAST! While we’ve raised many layers, this is our first time raising meat birds. Here’s what the past four weeks have taught me so far:

  1. Not that I needed any persuading about this topic, but I can see fully why having meat birds on pasture is so much healthier for the bird. These birds will just lay around and eat all day, if you let them. Like pigs at a trough. Making them move around, getting sunshine and fresh air, foraging for food ON PASTURE … That is the way to go!
  2. Seeing that we don’t have them on pasture this time around, I do ration their feed, and I do make them “forage” for it, making it a requirement for them to move around and work their food.
  3. They grow faster every day! They grew fast in the beginning, but with each passing day, they grow even faster! It’s amazing to see their speedy progression. It also makes it quite evident as to how they can become prey to many health & physical issues so easily. I’ve had to stay on top of things and really pay attention to how I am managing them EVERY DAY (again, another reason to have them on pasture)
  4. Although we couldn’t do pasture raised this time around, I am still really glad we pulled the trigger and decided to move forward in raising and harvesting our own meat birds. Because although pasture is best, these birds are still very well cared for. They are happy and healthy. The meat they will provide for us will be fresh and as nutritious as it is in the store (if not, more).

Which leads me to price savings… Last week I paid $10.79/lb for organic, free range chicken. Keep in mind, free range IS NOT pasture raised. Our meat birds are currently “free range” because they aren’t in an individual cage. Additionally, the chicken chicken I purchased from the store had to go through USDA protocol and be washed in a chlorine solution in order to be sold in the store. Gross!

So overall, I’m really glad we are doing this. Even though it’s not quite perfect and the way we are raising them does not meet our ideals, it is still WAY BETTER than any other options we currently have.