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Find out Arrow J Beef's delivery schedule and Farmer's Markets we attend.  Beef can be delivered to your door or picked up at a market.  We try to make things as convenient as we can. Check out our schedule.

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Arrow J Beef Co. has been a reliable source of good, clean, nutritious beef for many people who suffer from autoimmune diseases and food allergies.  Finding truly clean, 100% grass fed beef is nearly impossible, and labels are very deceiving.  That’s why knowing your food source is always the most reliable resource.  

We are proud to have successfully serve this specific community for over 10 years! No false advertising, no hidden ingredients, just good clean beef that can be enjoyed by all. 


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Life On the Ranch

More often than not, done is better than perfect. This is my current “milking station”. No stanchion, but instead a tree. No nicely organized cabinet for me to keep clean …

It’s been almost four weeks and our meat birds are growing FAST! While we’ve raised many layers, this is our first time raising meat birds. Here’s what the past four …