We believe the two pillars of raising highest quality & most nutrient dense food stems from NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & SOIL HEALTH.  That’s why, here at Arrow J Beef Co., we are constantly working to improve and sustain in both areas.

Raising cattle on open range & in rotating pastures allows them to live life as they were meant to.  Not only are our cattle able to graze freely, our lands offer a mix of forages, providing a broader range of nutrients to the animals.  This is important as it provides these animals with the exercise they need to produce the ultimate beef product.

We’ve also matched the breed of cattle to the environment that we live in, so that our cattle can thrive.  When you put cattle into their natural environment and allow them to live as they were meant to, you naturally avoid sickness and disease.  This allows us to keep healthy cows without the use of antibiotics.

Healthy, happy cattle lead to delicious, nutrient dense beef.

Without good land, we can’t raise good beef.  Therefore, we take the necessary strides to work our animals in a way that improves soil health and the overall health of the environment in general.

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