Arrow J Ranch - Pasture Raised Whole Chickens

We Now Have Organic, Pasture Raised, Farm Fresh Chicken!

The Best Pasture Raised Whole Chickens You Can Cook!

We believe In providing families with nutrient dense, clean food. And we believe that the healthiest, cleanest food comes from animals raised humanely in their natural environment.

With Arrow J free pasture raised chickens you can taste the difference. Sustainably raised chicken chemical-free pastures are allowed to roam freely. This results in a healthier and more flavorful bird. These happy, healthy and active birds are naturally plump with nutrition, and flavor.  Our pasture raised chickens are not only delicious, but also nutritionally superior to the meat from conventional birds.

The quality of life of our animals is directly connected to the quality of meat they provide. They taste better because they’re raised outdoors – scratching and pecking on fresh pasture daily. More nutritious than the conventionally-raised meat you find in most grocery stores, our delicious chickens all come directly from our ranch to your table. You can taste the difference.

Each chicken averages 3.5 to 4.5 lbs.

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Each package includes six (6), pre-made, 1/3 lb patties. Approximately 2 lbs per package. Our extra lean ground beef Pre-Made Patties make your grilling days even better! The perfect size for the perfect burger. Shaped to perfection to save you time and effort.
Whole chicken averages 3.5-4.5lbs each. Chickens are raised outside on grass & supplemented with Arrow J Beef liver + Organic Feed. No Antibiotics & No Chlorine wash at time of processing
Thanks to our faithful LGD, Duke, who protects our flock, our chickens are truly free range. Unlimited access to roam the open range freely, pecking at bugs, taking dust baths, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine…the perfect recipe for rich, nutrient dense, delicious eggs.
Our extra lean ground beef is so lean, your burger won’t shrink! & if browning in a pan, you won’t have any fat to drain.
Tender & full of flavor, makes an excellent stew or throw on a skewer for great kabobs! Already cut and ready for you to cook and eat.
Carne asada is traditionally made using skirt steak or flank steak. The two cuts are very similar and can be used interchangeably.
Great for the grill or in your smoker. Alternatively,. throw it in your slow cooker for awesome tacos, enchiladas, pulled beef, barbacoa.
Arrow J Beef Ribs are moist, tender, & full of flavor. Great on the grill or, alternatively, cook in a slow cooker for 7-8 hours on low … the meat will be falling off the bones!
A great cut of beef for cooking for groups. Score & marinate for 8 hours prior to cooking. Throw on the grill, cut into strips & serve.
This roast has a bit more marbling to it. Great for a pot roast or slice for roast beef sandwiches.
This bone in roast is full of flavor & tender. Perfect for any pot roast!