Beef Cuts

Pre-Made Hamburger Patties – $14.95/lb

  • Each package includes six (6), pre-made, 1/3 lb patties. Approximately 2 lbs per package. Our extra lean ground beef Pre-Made Patties make your grilling days even better! The perfect size for the perfect burger. Shaped to perfection to save you time and effort.

Extra Lean Ground Beef – $12.00/lb

  • $11.00/lb when you order 25 lbs or more (8% Savings)
  • $10.00/lb when you order 50 lbs or more (16% Savings)

This ground beef is what put Arrow J Beef on the map! Once you try it, you won’t want anything else. Our extra lean ground beef is so lean, your burger won’t shrink! & if browning in a pan, you won’t have any fat to drain.

PERFECT FOR: Burgers, Tacos/Enchiladas, Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Stuffed Bell Peppers & Meatballs.

Stew Meat – $12.00/lb

Tender & full of flavor, makes an excellent stew or throw on a skewer for great kabobs!

Carne Asada – $13.00/lb


Filet Mignon – $35.00/lb
New York – $22.00/lb
Rib-Eye – $30.00/lb
Top Sirloin – $17.00/lb

*In addition to being a great steak, top sirloin is a great cut for slicing up for stir frys & fajitas.


Brisket – $15.00/lb

Great for the grill or in your smoker. Alternatively,. throw it in your slow cooker for awesome tacos, enchiladas, pulled beef, barbacoa.

London Broil – $18.00/lb

A great cut of beef for cooking for groups. Score & marinate for 8 hours prior to cooking. Throw on the grill, cut into strips & serve. Also, great for steak salads. Alternatively, slice & use for beef stroganoff.

Tri-Tip – $22.00 /lb


Arrow J Beef Ribs are moist, tender, & full of flavor. Great on the grill or, alternatively, cook in a slow cooker for 7-8 hours on low … the meat will be falling off the bones!

Short Ribs – $12.00/lb


Approx. 3 lbs – $15.00/lb

Cross Rib Roast

This roast has a bit more marbling to it. Great for a pot roast or slice for roast beef sandwiches.

7 Bone Chuck Roast

This bone in roast is full of flavor & tender. Perfect for any pot roast!

Sirloin Tip Roast


Beef Bones – $7.50/Lb

Ideal for making nutrient rich bone broth. Dogs love ’em too!

Heart – $12.00/Ea

Knee Caps & Tendon – $6.00/lb

Kidneys – $6. 75/Ea

Liver – $10.00/lb

Full of nutrients & perfect for liver & onions.

Oxtail – $18.00/Ea

Like beef bones, great for making broth or soup. Full of nutrients & contains more meat than the beef bones.

Tongue – $20.00/Ea